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"You were born with potential, you were born with ideals and dreams, you were born with greatness.

You are not meant for crawling, so don't. You have wings, learn to use them and fly."


Therapist, healer & artist

Anita Mari

anita mari

My name is Anita Mari, I am a therapist, healer and artist, dedicated to awakening human potential.

The training and skills I have learnt and developed enable and facilitate deep transformative processes. Together we will be able to work on all three levels of body soul and spirit, through the integration of Focusing oriented therapy, creativity and art, healing techniques, and Mindful self-compassion.

In my work

  • I guide individuals through transformative processes in my clinic and online.

  • I give workshops to help women awakening life passion and creativity.

  • I run groups for trauma and addiction recovery, and train staff, caregivers and minority groups in self-compassion and resilience.

All meetings are in either English or Hebrew.


I believe that we hold within us infinite capacity to heal, to grow to thrive and create, to know conscious interconnection with life, and realize who we  truly are.

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