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Short term transformational therapy

Are you ready for change?


Life by its nature is in constant change movement and flow, when it gets stuck, stops flowing, disconnects, or mindlessly repeats, we suffer accordingly.

Our infinite potential is blocked and wholeness and wellbeing are limited.

The possibility or necessity to change is an invitation towards wholeness, connection and infinite potential, it is an invitation to grow. 

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Do you want...

  • Fast, safe and effective life / therapeutic intervention for times of change challenge or crisis.

  • The ability to process and release blocks, resistances, repetitive patterns and stress from the roots.

  • The possibility for lasting growth and change.

  • Do you want to move forward in life from the wisdom of your “whole self.”

  • To know what you really want or need and discover the capacity to make choices from deep knowing.

  • Increased self-reliance and self-confidence, mindfulness and self-compassion.

  • Do you want to Deepen trust in life.

  •  The ability to connect to and allow emerging life flow.

  • To awaken creativity authenticity and aliveness.


The roots of our difficulties, patterns and blocks many times lie in the unconscious. 

In order for us to change and move forward it is essential that we access the experiential level of our being, below thinking and feelings.

Experiential Focusing is a method that enables us to safely and directly access the roots of our blocks and patterns. 

When life flows again from the holistic ground of our own experience it is always a movement towards wellbeing, growth and awakening.

Then there is deep holistic change - new creative ways of being unfold and what is born is new on all levels. 

The power to change is within you.

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I believe that our illnesses challenges and difficulties are symptoms of  disconnection from our essence.

Healing is a journey home to wholeness,
awakening to who we truly are.

Anita Mari

anita mari

Qualifications and skills​

  • Focusing Oriented Therapist.

  • Anthroposophical art therapist.

  • Reiki practitioner

Teaching :

  • Embodiment of the 12 steps program.

  • Mindful self-compassion.

  • Resillience and empowerment.

  • Creative healing processes.

I'm Anita Mari

Life has led me through many different experiences in order to heal, grow and come home to myself.

I spent several years as a rehabilitation worker in Africa, with orphans and adults disabled by war and illness.

In Ireland I lived in a “life sharing community” as an art therapist and community builder, supporting people with a vast range of special needs.  

In Israel I work with minority groups teaching life skills for resilience and empowerment, and as a Focusing oriented therapist with adults traumatized and struggling with addictions, and with those lost in the midst of mental and spiritual crisis.

These people have taught me so much. I have learned  that our humanity is precious, and that we hold within us infinite capacity to heal to grow to thrive and create, to know conscious interconnection with life, and realize who we truly are.

The training and skills I have learnt and developed enable and facilitate deep transformative processes.

We can work together with the somatic wisdom of the body, creative intelligence and art, energy healing and mindful self compassion.

Radical acceptance and the power of authentic human meeting are essential guidelines in all meetings. 

​My clinic is based online and in Zihkron Yaakov.
I run workshops and training programs online, in Israel and Internationally.

All sessions are in English or Hebrew.

What people say...

I was in a therapeutic process with Anita for almost a year. From the very beginning Anita met me exactly where I was, with accuracy and compassion...

Through the process of Focusing, we were able to give place for deep memories, and content to arise, allowing blocked and difficult emotional energy to be transformed.

Anitas open and silent presence helped me remember and connect to the same presence within myself.

The whole process was one of meaningful personal and spiritual development.

I highly recommend Anita for anyone who is looking for experiential processes, with compassion, ease, accuracy, a personal meeting that is eye to eye, and the possibility of transformation and positive life movement.

I came to Anita for a few meetings at a time in my life that I felt stuck and in need of change and new direction in my life, the treatment with Anita really surprised me...

Anita led me gently and softly to find out what my body had to say and tell me, and accompanied my experience with absolute presence and great sensitivity. Everything that arose to the surface was met with compassion and healing acceptance.

Something deep was touched in me and released. I received a lot of new insights and my life started to move again.

I came to Anita following a crisis. With years of excruciating coping with PTSD, anxieties, and the loss of faith that something could change. In my encounters with Anita, I felt like I was breathing, that I was alive, I'm here. I felt hopeful that you could fall in love with life all over again. Anita saw me for who I am, walked hand in hand with me, and believed in me. She taught me to listen to myself and my intuition. I discovered powers and passions I didn't know existed in me. Anita taught me to allow myself to be who I am unashamedly and with a lot of love and compassion. The relationship and working with Anita gave me coping skills that support me every day on my way to recovery and change.

I met Anita for a period of a month, during a time when the ground beneath my feet was breaking open, due to the sudden death of my husband. With her help I was able to connect inward and was filled with the strength and guidance that I needed in order to continue with my life. Looking back now a few months later i see that our meetings together were a gift that allowed me to raise my head and look towards the future through this time of deep crisis. I am full of gratitude for the meetings I had with Anita for her warmth, deep listening, presence and compassion

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