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Trauma & Addiction Recovery

“The greatest human tragedy is not what did or didn’t happen to you, it is the loss of self “

Trauma and Addiction 

Welcome to RECONNECT.
Here, we delve into a profound journey of healing and self-discovery. It's about reclaiming our essence from the grips of unresolved trauma and addictive behaviours, transcending
survival modes to embrace our true selves.

Unresolved trauma and addiction can leave us powerless and alienated and caught in endless cycles of adaptation and pain, but this does not have to be a life sentence. Within each of us
lies the innate capacity to heal and be free from these patterns.


This journey isn't about being defined by past pain, it's about reclaiming fragmented parts of ourselves, integrating them, and restoring life's vitality.

Recovery from trauma and addiction is a type of homecoming, awakening to authentic presence, and becoming who you truly are.

Exploring Desert Caves


Reconnect offers a holistic approach to addiction and trauma recovery. By accessing clients underlying pain and addressing the root causes of addiction and trauma, the program aims to facilitate deep healing, awakening authentic presence and conscious connection to life. 

Utilizing trauma-informed tools, practices of mindful self-compassion, activating inherent creativity, and working with energy healing. Reconnect focuses on guiding individuals out of survival mode, isolation and powerlessness, and into creativity, freedom, and connectedness.

The  Journey

Om Pose

From disconnection to connection and embodiment. 

Through somatic practices and embodied healing, we can reclaim and restore our connection with ourselves, gradually unravelling the knots of trauma stored in our body's implicit memory. Step by step, we can move into wholeness. 

From shame to innocence and dignity. 

Shame is a devastating sense of one's unworthiness, and too often it has covered and replaced our deepest sense of self. Through the practice of self-compassion, we rediscover the purity of our essence, freeing ourselves from shame and reclaiming true self-worth and dignity.  

a man

From Powerlessness to Empowerment through Presence and Surrender:

Embracing powerlessness can be daunting, yet transformative.

By learning to be present and open to uncertainty, we initiate healing. Letting go of survival responses, we surrender to life's natural flow, trusting its wisdom and embracing the unknown with openness and grace.

From Isolation to Authenticity and Belonging:

Authenticity and true belonging emerge as we align with our deepest truths. Through healing, we forge genuine connections with ourselves, others, and life itself. Belonging becomes a profound realization of our interconnectedness with all aspects of life.

Image by Shane Rounce
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From Survival to Freedom and Creativity:

Unresolved trauma often traps us in survival patterns and addictive responses, hindering our ability to shape our future with choice. In recovery, we reclaim our freedom to choose and unleash our creative power anew, moving from mere survival to a life filled with freedom and creativity.

Let's embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery together. With each step forward, we reclaim our wholeness and rediscover the beauty of our authentic selves. Are you ready to take this step?

The Next Step.

Welcome to The Next Step, where you can deepen your recovery journey and discover inspiring new ways to live the Twelve- step program.


Recovery from addiction and trauma requires more than just verbal and emotional expression—it requires connecting to the experiential level of our being, our inherent bodily knowing. Unfortunately, this element is often missing in mainstream recovery programs.


The Next Step was created with the intention to help you integrate the experiential level and your body's deep wisdom into your recovery process.

“Bodily sensing is what allows fixated experience and patterns to open and
transform.” (Peter Levine).

"The Next Step" integrates the essential principles of the Twelve-step program with the somatic practice of Experiential Focusing, developed by Eugene Gendlin.

Focusing teaches us to cultivate a profound bodily awareness, offering a direct
pathway to our subconscious mind. This process enables us to access the roots of trauma and addiction while awakening our innate capacities for self-healing.


“The Next Step “teaches fully embodied living of the Twelve- steps as they open and unfold within your unique life experience. From this holistic connection to ourselves, we begin to discover the "higher will” deep within us.

next step photo
Water Texture
As we learn to dwell in our body's natural knowing, we begin to realize its inherent desire to seek wellbeing. Then recovery is not an ongoing inner battle; it is a surrender to our
deeper nature.

‘’The Next Step “ On-line Introduction course.

“The Next Step” online course is designed to enrich your recovery journey by imparting invaluable
skills. These skills facilitate deep, holistic change, reduce stress and anxiety, nurture self-compassion,
help you discover new creative ways of being, and foster movement towards well-being, growth,
and awakening.


  • During the same month there will be 5 meetings include: 4 weekly group sessions + 1

  • personal session.

  • All lessons will be Experiential based with addition of relevant theory.

  • Intimate group setting of 3-9 members only.

What I do and offer:


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