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About me

"I believe that our illnesses challenges and difficulties are symptoms of the loss of self and disconnection from our essence. Healing is a journey home to wholeness."

Anita mari

 About Anita Mari 

Life journey

Life has led me through many different landscapes in order to come home to myself, to heal, grow and develop my unique way as a therapist, healer and artist.


I have worked as a rehabilitation worker in Africa, with orphans and adults disabled by war and illness, and as an art therapist and community builder in life sharing communities in Ireland supporting people with a vast range of special needs.

In Israel I work as a therapist and healer with adults traumatised and struggling with addictions, and with those lost in the midst of mental and spiritual crisis.

I run an online clinic for times of change, challenge and crisis, and workshops that awaken creativity, resilience and empowerment for women and minority groups.


The people i have worked with  have taught me so much. I have learned that our humanity is precious, and that we hold within us an infinite capacity to heal, to grow to thrive and create, to know conscious interconnection with life, and realize who we truly are. Our challenges are our direct path to this awakening.

​My clinic is based online and in Zihkron Yaakov, Israel.
I run workshops and training programs online, in Israel and Internationally.

All sessions are in English or Hebrew.


In all processes I will guide you to connect to your own inner wisdom and knowing, allowing for your unique path of transformation to unfold.


All processes will allow the old layers of pain, survival, and limiting beliefs to be released and for your inherent holistic life flow and potential to unfold, step by step.


Radical acceptance and the power of authentic human meeting are essential guidelines in all sessions.

Three levels of work



Through connection to the somatic wisdom of the body, we will be able to

safely and accurately navigate and work with the unconscious.



Through connection to creative intelligence, artistic capacity and social connectedness, we will be able to explore and work with the soul.


higher consciousness

Through Reiki and Theta energy healing, Widefulness and Mindful self-compassion we can connect to wider levels of consciousness.

Qualifications, skills​ & techniques​

Focusing Oriented Therapist. 

Certified by the International focusing institute

I have deep and wide experience in many different avenues, integrations and explorations of focusing.

  •  I have developed my own method of focusing oriented art therapy.

  • I have developed ‘Next Step’ a program that integrates the essence of the 12 step program with the wisdom of the body and focusing technique.

  • I am a Widefulness practitioner.(Ifat Eickstein ) This combines focusing ability with integration of wider consciousness through the chakra system .

  • I work with SOFT. (Social oriented focusing therapy / Yehudit First) Which brings focusing into the interpersonal social space.

  • I have trained in complex trauma, intergenerational trauma and collective trauma recovery.

  • Focusing as spiritual practice

Art therapist

Certified anthroposophical art therapist
  • Focusing oriented art therapy - my own methodology.

  • Intuitive art practices.

  • Art as sacred expression and prayer.


Certified as
  • Reiki healer.  (Level: Master. Reiki Usui system of natural healing.)

  • Theta healer. (Level: 2.)

  • Shamanic Healing circles


for groups and organisations
  • Embodiment of the 12 steps program.

  • Mindful self-compassion.

  • Resilience and empowerment.

  • Creativity and healing workshops

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